Linggo, Oktubre 2, 2011

Is Writing Still Important?

     Of course yes,!writing for me is a kind of hobby. This is really important, as a student we are always do proper works. And writing is our way for us to finish our school requirements. Writing nowadays, is more efficient in the term of writing a letter even though we are  in the age of computer. When we are encoding , we also write that  because writing has its own way to be known.
     Writing a way of telling and expressing our feelings. We write a poems, essays, and other way of writing. On the other hand, writing is not only a hobby but a profession. We use this in our daily life. 


     Technology refers to the science of technical processes in a wide though related, field of knowledge. Technology as field of inventions plays an important role to everyone we all known that modern technology are the device or instrument that makes our life easier and more efficient.
     Technology is a growing. Computers are becoming popular, they are likely to increase in importance. This demand should create career related to computer development.
     Lets talk about computer! Computer is a powerful  tool that can do many things. There is nothing mysterious about it compared to a human being. It is after all, a person made, person used tool . in today's world, the computer is an all around, all powerful tool. It can run factories, plan cities, teach children and even predict the future.
     I therefore, our modern technology is now going to be in a very high level that we didn't expected before and now most of all the things we want to have is impossible then is now we can reach by hand? Tomorrow, it shall be a digital world maybe soon or even now! In the Philippines, "HOW SON IS SOON".

An Everlasting Love

I'm always asking to my mother
If being a parent is difficult to her?
And my mother answer yes you may
So always remember do the right way.

Being a parent is not a game
That you can easily change
we need to sacrifice for each other
To make your relation stay forever

I always think about the fact
What's being a parent can react
If one child get sad
make sure the parent is getting mad

Who will be my partner?
If ten years from now I'm a parent
I'm happy that I will become
A perfect mother to my children.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 28, 2011


The only people who are worth being friends are the people who likes you as you are.:)